DevSecOps: A Growing Segment In The Virtual Marketplace


Chinmay Kulkarni

The world's most successful corporations, such as Esty, Target, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Walmart, have an odd link. They've all incorporated DevOps into their daily operations. What's the end result? They have increased their efficiency and reduced their delivery time. Our goal with this post is to aid you in correctly understanding DevOps and demonstrating its value in helping your business succeed.

What is DevSecOps?

DecSecOps can have loads of advantages if implemented in the correct fashion. One of the main features of DevSecOps is it can help you to integrate the software developments in your applications. So that you don't have to post regular updates, which can adversely affect the digital experiences of your users.

Moreover, the adoption of DecSecOps in your application was more practical in terms of the security and development of your data. The security is extremely reliable and is tested by various professionals, and it has also got a quality assurance certificate.

Why DevSecOps Have a Better Edge?

When software upgrades were only distributed in fewer quantities like twice or thrice a year, then the development issues are quite manageable.

However, this conventional 'tacked-on' approach to security developed is an undeniable bottleneck. The development cycles of various software could be reduced to mere weeks or even a few days when professional software engineers adopted the DevOps and Agile approaches. 

Moreover, by employing DevOps and Agile software, you can assure the optimal security of your software mechanism. It can effectively deal with security vulnerabilities when they arise. By using DevOps, they will be much faster, easier, and far less costly to resolve.

Unlike the traditional mechanism, which overturned an individual with all the responsibility of the security issues, DevOps presents it as a shared task for carrying out the management of security-related problems, operations in IT, and managing the duties regarding any software development.

The developments can be effectively carried out without compromising the pace of the integration process.

Advantages of DevSecOps in a Business Organisation:-

Because it makes such a significant change in how a software business functions, DevOps has seen quick adoption. This section will go through some of the advantages that DevOps may provide to tech organizations.

1. Fast Track Innovations

The existence of DevOp is due to innovation. Tech companies can benefit from DevOps. Minimize cycle times by developing and deploying digital products at a faster rate. By implementing various microservices and continuous delivery, you can effectively make various tweaks in your software according to your needs.

You can also take full ownership of projects and deliver them.

2. Optimal Collaboration

We've already established that the dev and operations teams' silos breed distrust and cause them to work in the dark. Businesses can be able to collaborate much better between the two formerly isolated teams as a result of the implementation of DevOps. This also leads to a more favorable working environment where more efficient results are obtained.

3. Most Reliable Digital Products

Numerous businesses tend to lose a considerable amount of their traffic because of their poor management of software updates. Users find it annoying if they get random updates for their applications every now and then. 

However, if you can implement DevOps software, it will allow you to avail an automated integration mechanism for your updates, making it simple to test the practicality of the updates. This will also help to maintain the quality of the digital experience you want to provide to your users.

Moreover, teams can track real-time performance indicators and design more reliable products with reliable monitoring techniques and logging mechanisms.

4. Scalable Business

Many businesses have grasped the necessity of DevOps, with huge names like YouTube, Amazon as well as Google, and relying on it for optimal automation, reliable consistency, and vast opportunities for scalability. 

Using the DevOps model, you will be able to develop and manage complex systems very easily and efficiently without compromising quality or consistency.

There has been a tremendous increase in the use of DevOps despite the fact that it has varying applications in various sectors. This section will go over some of the best practices that businesses should follow while implementing DevOps.

5. Cost-Effective

When a specific software has been built without implementing the DevSecOps mechanism, security issues can cause significant delays. Repairing coding and security flaws can be relatively inefficient and costly. 

By implementing the DevSecOps, you will be able to deliver rapidly and securely. This will all work out in the long run and can save you lots of time as well as money by reducing the need to repeat a procedure to fix security vulnerabilities after they've occurred.

Because integrated security eliminates redundant reviews and wasteful rebuilds, this will develop itself to become more and more time-efficient over time.

6. Improved Security

While employing the DecSecOps mechanism, it prefers starting the development process by taking care of cybersecurity on a priority basis. The main code structure can be audited, reviewed, tested, and scanned throughout the developing process.

As soon as these problems are detected, they can effectively be taken care of. Before adding any more aspects to the code, security issues are addressed. When preventive technology is found and applied early in the cycle, security vulnerabilities become less costly and time-consuming to resolve.

Furthermore, increased collaboration across security, operations, and development teams enhances a company's response time to incidents of any technical issues. DevSecOps approaches shortening the time it takes to solve the vulnerabilities, allowing security teams to have their full concentration on other important tasks. These techniques help ensure and take care of the complications, avoiding the need to modify the code just for the reason of security.

7. Repeated and Adaptive in Nature

Organizations' security complications can be improved as they become older. Adaptive and repeatable processes are ideal for the DevSecOps mechanism. As time passes, this system can be improved in every aspect. This implies the company can guarantee consistency in their security segment.

The DevSecOps software is equipped with easy configuration management, proper automation design, interchangeable code structure, and even efficient software alterations.

Best DevOps Practises

The security software around DevSecOps can be naturally included in your delivery, development, and various operations.

1. Shift Left

This particular mantra for DevSecOps software depicts the scanning process of any security issues from the right end to the left end of a code.

The security procedure of a DevSecOps process starts from the very beginning of the integration process.

 When a company adopts DevSecOps, their intern software engineers and cybersecurity architects are integrated into the development team. Their role is to ensure that all of the stack's components and configuration items are patched, secured, and documented.

2. Knowledge About the Security

To guarantee that all the employees in the organization have a decent knowledge regarding the posture firm's security, organizations should build a partnership among the software development architects, compliance teams, and operational teams.

Especially every employee in the delivery team should have proper knowledge about the primary principles of security application.

It would be highly beneficial for your company if your developers could be familiarised with compliance checks and various thread models and, as well as how to assess risk, expose vulnerabilities, and apply security controls.

3. Culture

Good leadership qualities foster a good culture that promotes change within the organization. It is crucial and essential in DevSecOps to communicate the responsibilities of maintaining the secure environment of various operations and having product ownership. 

This will allow the engineers and software developed to adopt various responsibilities of other operations confidently.

The employees who are involved in a system that works according to their working styles and responsibilities. Otherwise, there will be a lack of communication among the staff. As a team leader, you should support your employees to build their own working culture. So, over time they will be more keen to see the outcome of their hard work.

Why Are Companies Not Adopting These DevOp Security Practices?

Despite the fact that firms that automate their business operations and integrate their teams achieve enormous application security, DevOps programs are not widely adopted.

1. Companies are lagging behind in implementing more effective security policies.

Because technological advancements have made teams more efficient, software development can now be done much faster. Despite this, most security teams are not yet capable of matching DevOps principles.

When compared to the previous approach, DevOps allows for substantially faster application releases. Automation, Infrastructure, and some other DevOps tools constantly change the development environment, making traditional security techniques ineffective.

2. There is a tension between the interests of security and those of developers.

The primary goal of software development engineers is to deliver their virtual products ready to market in the shortest amount of time possible. The security team's job is to battle-test the code and applications and look for potential flaws. When they notice defects, they slow down the process and direct the developers to fix the problems before passing them on to the users. As a result, the development firm's expected release date gets pushed back.

3. Some businesses may not place a high priority on security.

Organizations may overlook the testing phase of a freshly developed application in order to stay ahead of the competition. This results in a delay in detecting code problems and a breach into the database of the users.

To speed up the development process, developers want to remove any obstacles, which often lead to the release of vulnerable products, resulting in customer loss.

Final Thoughts

There are many debates over DevOps' exact potential in establishing a secure application environment, but a fully automated DevOps-based release process will be a valuable cybersecurity tool.

Furthermore, as a corporation, you must secure your systems and data through careful planning on multiple fronts and the implementation of various security measures. We know how important it is to secure the application architecture as a digital product development agency that assists Fortune 5000 firms at every level of product development.


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