Giveaway Quiz to build a community of engaged followers.




Fakirsah is an app that allows you to test your knowledge in a wide range of subjects and win free stuff! There are a wide variety of quizzes, from geography to shapes, animals, and even a general knowledge section!


The Problem

Having a big fan base can bring in more profits for a business. But how do you build a large fan base? Rather than spending your money on advertisement, build your own community! What are some ways to do this? Fakirsah wants to help you build a community of followers using the fun giveaway app.

The Solution

Fakirsah app is a great way for brands to engage with their customers and build a relationship with their audience. Brands attract their customers with great prizes, which means more potential leads. The users love the app because they get free gifts.

What we did

Architectural design

Tech Architecture design to suit your growth plan

Speed up go to market keeping scalability in mind

Architecture design combining Low Code and High Code technologies.


Technologies Used


Flat no 2B, Fountain Head Apt, opp Karishma Soci. Gate no 2, Above Jayashree Food Mall, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 38