Transforming Education Through Tech

A website for an educational institution is like its face. So, without a website, it is like a person with a covered face. It is the website that helps in unveiling the educational institutions in front of all the prospects. This gives a clear indication of the importance of educational websites.

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What Our Digital Solutions Can Help You Achieve

As a premier provider of Education solutions we believe in improving education through our services, which include personalized learning (tailored to individual students), virtual/augmented reality for immersive experiences, online courses/resources, online assessment/feedback, collaborative learning with peers, accessible and eco-friendly digital textbooks, gamification, and data analysis to guide instruction.

Driving Growth through Custom Development

Our team researches, plans and then develops customized product keeping in mind the user base. This includes incorporating new technologies and features, expanding the platform's reach through marketing and partnerships, improving user experience, and leveraging data and analytics to better understand and serve the target audience.

Handle High NetworkTraffic

While designing our architecture for any application we make sure the key factors like Scalable infrastructure, Load balancing, Caching, Optimizing database, Content delivery network (CDN), Vertical and horizontal scaling etc.. are put in place so that the system traffic can be easily managed.

Captivate Users

While designing tech for Education industry our main focus is on user journey, accessibility and device-independent experience (specially tailored to fit needs of children & parent both ) which is why we greatly take care of Mobile compatibility and designing an interface that is easy to navigate.

Industry Challenges & How Tech Can Solve

Unable to attract targeted customers

Students have countless options to learn from these days. But you are not successful in attracting them to learn from you.

Effective E-Learning platform can give your targeted audiences a good impression of your brand which can encourage them to stay longer on your site.

User experience

User experience is key to a successful educational website. The detail personalization of courses, syllabus based on the students' preferences is needed.

The most important would be to have clear CTAs (calls to action) and a clean and simple website so that students or parents can navigate through it easily.

Converting Visitors to Buyers of courses

An educational website might have a lot of traffic, a lot of clicks, and impressions but they aren’t making the sales they expected.

Creating a personalized website or application is the solution to converting your visitors into paying clients.

Study methods

Students are bored of studying traditional methods, and traditional teaching methods have become less useful to teach students in an engaging way.

These websites are about non-linear interactive documentary productions combining text, video, animation, info-graphics, etc. which will boost the students’ learning.

Why Hybrowlabs is Your Most Suitable Tech Partner

Build your website from scratch

Are you worried about not having a website for your educational business? We will help you to build your website from scratch and guide you at every step required for growth keeping in mind the feedback and including variant features to meet the customer needs.

Clean Design & Easy Navigation.

We will design the most attractive and accessible website for your educational business with a high-converting copy and graphics to convert more audiences.

We believe in creating user-friendly interface with responsive design and super easy navigation with interactive elements that makes the site a fun to use and spend time on.

SEO (search engine optimization) 

We will build your website with SEO friendly tools with optimized content and backlinks to help you rank highly on the Google search engine in order to drive traffic to your site. We also dive in features like website load time, user-friendly design with mobile optimization for more coverage.

Web security.

While creating an e-learning platform/app we prioritize security and ensure protection of sensitive personal and financial information through secure storage and transmission, secure login systems and controlled access and secure payment systems.

We believe in providing regular security updates and user education on security risks as we understand the need of privacy and hence do our best to keep your information safe.

Our Ed-Tech Projects

Rimote Eye App

One stop solution to see all the child’s activities as he goes to school.

With features like live tracking, real-time updates from school, meets and calendar management along with notes and quiz distribution - Our App covers it all.

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App for taking practice tests

Shubhra Ranjan is a testing app that helps you prepare for civil service exams. You can use it to test your knowledge in various subject areas, and at the end of each test, you'll get a results page that shows you how you did. This way, you can keep track of your progress and see which areas you need to focus on more.

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