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"Welcome to the future of real estate management. Our integrated platform offers quick customization, built-in CRM, intelligent lead management, and efficient team collaboration. With our mobile app, you can stay connected and monitor activities on the go. Plus, our tailored WhatsApp messages make communication a breeze. Join us in redefining success in the real estate industry."


Step into the future of real estate management with our state-of-the-art platform. We understand the unique demands of the real estate industry, and our solution is designed to cater to every aspect of your business. Customize your frontend effortlessly to align with your brand identity, while our integrated CRM simplifies lead and client management. What sets us apart is our intelligent lead distribution system that ensures leads are automatically assigned to the most suitable team members, increasing your chances of closing deals. Take control with our team management tools, and never miss an opportunity with our mobile app, allowing you to call, message, and update lead statuses while on the move. Admins can easily monitor activities through dedicated tabs, ensuring your team's performance remains top-notch. Plus, our platform enables you to send customized WhatsApp messages to leads, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Join us in shaping the future of real estate success

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Develop an innovative and user-friendly mobile application that simplifies the process of tracking personal fitness goals and provides valuable insights into users' health and wellness progress.

Problem Statement

In today's fast-paced world, individuals often struggle to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle due to a lack of convenient and accessible tools for monitoring their fitness and well-being. This project aims to address this issue by creating a comprehensive mobile application that not only tracks users' fitness goals but also offers personalized recommendations and analysis, empowering individuals to make informed choices and lead healthier lives.

Streamlined Team Management & Automated Lead Assignment

Our team management solution is designed to optimize your real estate operations by automating lead assignment within your team. It seamlessly integrates with your website and third-party lead sources, ensuring that each incoming lead is automatically assigned to the most suitable team member. Team leaders can supervise these assignments, monitor progress, and maintain a clear overview of the entire process. Say goodbye to manual lead distribution challenges and hello to a well-organized team, all while maximizing your real estate opportunities.

Enhanced Lead Lifecycle Management and Activities Visibility for Seamless Team Communication

In our real estate management platform, we've transformed the lead lifecycle. Leads are automatically assigned to the right team members, optimizing efficiency. What sets us apart is the unparalleled visibility into lead activities. Every interaction is tracked and easily accessible to team members, fostering clear communication. Team leaders can monitor these activities in real-time, ensuring everyone stays aligned. With our system, you'll have a connected and informed team, ready to seize every opportunity.

Seamless In-App Communication for Sales Executives

Our platform simplifies communication for sales executives by offering in-app calling, messaging, and WhatsApp integration. No more switching between different applications - everything you need is at your fingertips within our user-friendly interface. This streamlined approach allows sales executives to efficiently connect with leads and clients, making follow-ups, answering questions, and providing updates a breeze. Stay organized, save time, and enhance your customer interactions with our integrated communication tools.

Automated Lead Registration and Detailed Lead Inquiry Views

Our platform offers effortless lead registration and provides in-depth lead inquiry views, ensuring that every lead is captured seamlessly and allowing your sales team to access valuable insights into each lead's preferences and history. With this streamlined approach, your team can engage with leads more effectively, offering personalized solutions and increasing your chances of conversion. Say goodbye to manual lead management and hello to efficiency and informed interactions with our comprehensive lead management features.

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