Revitalizing Bhumi NGO: A Case Study on Website Revamp for Enhanced Impact and Engagement

This case study examines the website revamp of Bhumin NGO, a nonprofit organization focused on environmental conservation. It highlights the challenges faced, objectives set, and strategies implemented to create an engaging online presence. The study showcases improved user experience, navigation, and dynamic content. It evaluates the resulting impact, including increased engagement, visibility, and reach for Bhumin NGO's mission.


In the digital age, a nonprofit organization's website plays a vital role in effectively conveying its mission and engaging with its target audience. his case study explores the website revamp of Bhumin NGO, a nonprofit organization focused on environmental conservation. It examines challenges faced, objectives set, and strategies implemented for an impactful online presence. It evaluates improvements in user experience, navigation, and content, and assesses the resulting impact on engagement, visibility, and reach. Gain insights into the role of website revamps in empowering nonprofits to effectively communicate their mission.

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To create a scalable solution that promotes user engagement & empower Bhumi's cause.

Problem Statement

 We need to come up with a solution that is on the go but also has a powerful feature that will be necessary to the driving practice of the NGO.

Get Latest Updates of all The events with a single widget.

The Event Widget is a powerful tool designed to tackle high bounce rates by providing users with a convenient way to explore upcoming and ongoing events directly on the homepage. With this widget, users can effortlessly access a comprehensive list of events, including dates, descriptions, and relevant details. By integrating the Event Widget into the homepage, users are encouraged to stay engaged and explore the exciting events organized by the organization. This seamless user experience leads to a reduction in bounce rates as visitors find immediate value and relevance, increasing their likelihood of staying on the website for longer durations.

Location-Aware Volunteer Page for Enhanced Engagement!

The Location-Aware Volunteer Page is a dynamic feature designed to boost user engagement and motivation by providing tailored volunteer opportunities based on the user's city. This innovative functionality enables users to easily access and explore volunteering opportunities specifically available in their local community. By leveraging location awareness, the volunteer page offers a personalized experience, showcasing relevant contribution options, events, and initiatives in the user's city. This targeted approach increases user motivation to get involved, as they can directly contribute to causes and organizations impacting their immediate surroundings. The Location-Aware Volunteer Page not only enhances user engagement but also strengthens the connection between individuals and their communities, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

City-Based Event Section for Tailored Event Selection & Information

The City-Based Event Section offers personalized event selection based on the user's city. Users can easily discover and engage with events happening in their local community. This section provides comprehensive event details, including dates, locations, descriptions, and registration information, enabling informed decision-making. By tailoring event information to the user's city, this section enhances engagement, fosters community involvement, and encourages active participation in local events.

Dynamic Search Page for Enhanced User Experience

The Dynamic Search Page optimizes user experience with a search bar, dynamically updated popular searches, and quick links to essential pages. Users can conveniently search for specific information, while the popular searches section offers trending and relevant topics. With prominent quick links, users can swiftly access important sections of the website. This design significantly reduces search time, elevates user satisfaction, and fosters increased engagement. The Dynamic Search Page is a valuable tool that enhances website usability and empowers users to find information efficiently.

Streamlined Donation Page for a Seamless Giving Experience

The Streamlined Donation Page offers an intuitive and seamless donation experience. With a user-friendly interface, donors can easily navigate, select donation amounts, and choose payment options. Personalized giving suggestions align donors with their interests. Recurring donation options enable sustained impact. Real-time progress updates foster trust and motivation. Donors can receive personalized thank-you messages and impact updates. This page ensures a secure, impactful, and rewarding giving experience, empowering donors to support the organization's mission with confidence.

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