Give away apps for brands to generate engagement.

The Tasali app is basically built to drive engagement trough viral giveaways for your brands the idea is that that will be the small quiz that you have to answer once you answer that small quiz you are entitled to the reward brand will be the one who would be sponsoring reward.


One way to engage audiences and create more engagement is by giving away prizes. This incentivizes people to participate and helps you engage with them on a deeper level. Once they've participated in the giveaway, you can then engage with them on social media and continue to drive engagement.


Drive engagement through giveaways

Problem Statement

Built an app that will be used to channel and built give-aways for various brands

Seamless Onboarding Experience

This app is designed specifically for the middle class. The user interface is made to be easily navigated from right to left, and it supports multiple languages.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

We made it very easy for the coach and coachee to sign and

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Fun and simple quiz user is given a small quiz that he has to answer, and we basically rank the users on the quiz; the users who answer the question correctly are basically at the top; they have answered the quiz, and we basically put them in the lottery for the giveaway; each competition or giveaway has sponsors, so we show the sponsor video at the end of the quiz to generate engagement for the brand; also, at the end of the quiz, there is a task for the user; so basically, engaging with the brand, linking their social media posts, etc., also generates more engagement for the brand.

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