Data analytics app for a Industry v4 automobile plant management software

The mobile app that we created is designed to help CEOs and delivery managers to get an understanding of how their factories are producing goods and services while they are on the go.


Apex is an industry-leading software as a service provider for automobile manufacturing plants. They have an integrated production, maintenance, and Kaizen cloud solution that allows their customers to improve manufacturing and manage activity in the plant. However, until now, the software-as-a service solution did not have any mobile applications for their users. The data collected by the mobile application will allow Apex to better understand and serve their customer base.


Through an on-the-go experience, provide analytics and data on the plant's activities.

Problem Statement

Using a mobile analytics platform, create a mobile app that provides details and understanding of the day's activities.

Seamless Onbording Exprience

The owner gets a snapshot of all the important matrices on the go; they can do a drill-down on the data to get more understanding, and then basically decide to step in and make sure that everything goes right.

Seamless Onboarding Experience

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Drilling down on the go Sometimes, in order to find issues and make decisions, you need to have more data and drill down, so this app made a mobile-friendly user interface to allow the CEO's and CXO's to basically do a drill down on the plan data and make an appropriate decision


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