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Many candidates and only a tiny fraction of them are worth interviewing it’s not possible to interview all the candidates therefore we need a filter to reduce the number of candidates who need to be interviewed.


We are looking to develop an MCQ testing application that specifically tests job applicants' skills by asking relevant and targeted questions.


Reduce the number of interviews with relevant and skilled candidates

Problem Statement

The MCQ test-taking tool can help you save time on interviews and selection. With this tool, you can quickly filter out candidates who don't do well on MCQ exams.

Setup & Test Attempt

A user's experience should be seamless and easy when they attempt a question, regardless of where it's hosted. A white-labeled experience on a customer's domain means that the customer's logo is prominently displayed.

Setup & Test Attemp

A seemless experience for a user to attempt questions.
This is a whitelabelled experience, hosted on the customer’s domain with his logo. This helps the company set needed branding.

Realtime Test Review

Review mode indicates a candidate's progress in real-time for tests that feature essential sections for revised and skipped questions. This function is essential for candidates to measure their understanding and knowledge independently.

Final Report

Final Report

Admin's Dashboard

The administrator for HR can manage the testing by creating a job post on a relevant site that’s based o skills they can take a reference, set-up an MCQ and test the candidates for the job if they pass they can be sent a link to the next stage in the process.

Product Glimpse

Product Glimpse

Technolgy Used

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