Live video store for remote real time selling

Our team in Brazil recently launched an application that would allow sellers to sell remotely through video during the pandemic period when everything was shut and the country was under lockdown.


Our e-commerce video calling software allows buyers to connect with sellers and sellers to stream content to buyers. This way, they can sell their products over the video, which is more engaging than other forms of content. This allows the seller to get more attention and make a better pitch to sell their product.


Creative immersive experiences for cold time.

Problem Statement

building a career-time video streaming and conferencing solution for sellers and buyers to connect.

Easy Signup & Onboarding

The U&I app interface is available in Portuguese, the most commonly used language in Brazil. When signing up, sellers and buyers just have to provide basic details about themselves and the app. If the user is a seller, they also have to name their store and generate a unique link for it; this makes for an easy sign-up process and overall experience.

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Product Glimpse

Product Glimpse

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