Next-generation practice management solution for dental offices

Kasper is a software-as-a-service solution designed to help manage dental practices. It provides a simple web and mobile interface that allows users to schedule and book appointments, manage tasks and internal communication, chat with patients, and attend calls using voice-over Ip directly from the phone or website. Additionally, Kasper helps manage inventory and accounting.


There are a lot of dental management practice solutions that are outdated and complicated to use. Kasper is a tool that is designed for the current generation. It is built for people who want to be able to work on the go and solve real dental issues.

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We should be able to manage dental offices on the go.

Problem Statement

 We need to come up with a solution that is on the go but also has a powerful feature that will be necessary to the driving practice of a dental office.

Scheduling and Appointments

Dental practitioners often have to coordinate their schedules with multiple patients. In the past, practitioners would have to remind patients of their appointments and get data on each patient based on the treatment he or she was going to avail. Legacy software made this process very time-consuming and difficult. Kasper has implemented a paperless form feature that allows dental practitioners to drag and drop to generate any form they want to send to the patient. This has streamlined the process and made things much easier for both dental practitioners and patients.

Office Chat

Offices need to communicate with agents to book appointments etc, Initially all these agents had their phone number and use to connect with patients the problem was that there was no way to track chat history or have multiple agent service the customer at the same time. Kasper introduced a console that allows offices to chat with patients over SMS directly ensuring no hiccups or miss communication.

Task management and internal communications

The Kasper is designed as an all-in-one solution for dental practices so it’s important to have task management and office chat functions all to help manage everything in one place. This ensures that no tasks are missed by setting deadlines and tagging each task with the patient and appointment it’s being worked on.

Make it your own

Kasper is a highly customizable software that allows you to brand it in a way that best represents your practice. This way patients will get a feeling that the app was made specifically for them and will have a more professional expense. Kasper also allows you to customize the app easily through its user-friendly settings panel

Product Glimpse

Product Glimpse

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